Easter means different things to many people.  Some folks will attend church for Christian services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, while for others the time will have no religious significance at all. And for others who profess no believe in religion the weekend may have no real meaning at all.

easter cross, trevor barre
Canon 650D, 18-55mm, 1/200th, f9, ISO400. What ever Easter means to you – let it be a special time for you and your family

Can I suggest to you that this Easter can in fact be a great time for all humanity to celebrate, regardless of their faith in a Supreme Being or Deity. Much of the world will be able to take leave of their work this long weekend, and gather with their family and friends to share and enjoy some lovely sweet treats, Hot Cross Buns, and a few drinks.

What a great time then to take stock of what is really important in our lives; to celebrate the great love of family and friends, to take time out from our labours, reflect on what life means to us, and to think about the future and how we will spend it.

Please spend some time this Easter recognising all that you have achieved, all that you are yet to accomplish, and to ensure that you return to work next week with a new understanding about what is really important in your life. Don’t let the opportunity slip by to see you returning to an unbalanced life without enjoyment, love, and purpose.

Decide now to be a better person, committed to those who are important in your life, and dedicated to making life better for those around you. Make Easter 2014 a line in the sand, and commit to living each adventure hereafter.

Living each adventure,
Trev and Chris Barre

What ever Easter means to you – please make it a time for your family and friends
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