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Canon 650D, 18-55mm, 1/30th, f10, ISO400

One of the most common statements I hear from photographers when setting up for a shoot is “Don’t worry about it, I can fix it up afterwards in post processing.” This throwaway comment may be in regards to a landscape photo, but can be about any number of situations. Today I want to talk about one that can so so easily fixed, yet is often overlooked. Getting a straight horizon.

I know we all think we have a pretty good eye when it comes to setting up a level camera, and I also know not everyone shoots landscape photos. But this applies as much in the studio as it does outdoors, and especially when it can be solved so easily.

I am talking about a cheap and  simple Triple Axis Hot Shoe Bubble Spirit Level which (obviously) attaches to the camera’s hot shoe when first setting up the camera on its tripod. The whole job takes seconds to connect and then you can quickly adjust your tripod to ensure your camera is level left to right, as well as front to back. And it works in both horizontal and vertical camera positions. Then if you wish you can remove the level, attach a flash or other paraphernalia, and you are good to shoot. And the level is so small it tucks away again into a tiny corner of your camera bag until next time.

Compare that with taking hundreds of shots which you thought were level, only to get back to the studio or home and find they are all slightly off-level. You then spend the next 30 minutes using your software program to rectify this problem BEFORE you actually get to enjoy working on the photos in the way you wanted.

And really, for under $15 why wouldn’t you buy one! Do yourself a favour and head to your favourite camera store or go online today.

Living each adventure,
Trev and Chris Barre

Do you have one of these in your camera bag? You should!
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