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Have you ever noticed how music can so quickly affect and change your mood? You can be completely oblivious to someone else playing some music off in the distance, and the next thing you know, you are humming along, tapping your feet or whistling some tune – and often doing so subconsciously!

There are proven benefits to listening to music every day and if you were to incorporate just a few minutes worth a day, you may find your spirits lifting as you feel better about yourself and the world in general.

Five reasons for listening to music every day include:

  1. Stress relief: No matter how bad you feel, or how much stress you are under, some gentle music can often relieve your tension, allowing you to refocus and put aside some of those problems. Many people benefit from those ocean or wildlife tracks where they can soak in the sounds of nature while some gentle music plays softly in the background.
  2. Work better: How many times have you found yourself working faster at a task as you listen along to some stirring or fast music? I often tap furiously away at the keyboard while I have my favourite tracks playing loudly on my computer. It drives some people nuts, but I find it actually boosts my work capacity over the short term and I can really ‘tune-in’ to my task at hand while singing away as well.
  3. Pain relief: Depending upon the type of pain obviously, but I have found that when I get sick of some pain that I can lose myself in music. I find it takes my mind off the pain and acts in some way as a pain reliever. Often times, by the time the music has stopped I am feeling better and can resume my tasks. Obviously if you had a terrible migraine you might be better with some more soothing music, but either way, it is worth giving it a try before swallowing some pain tablets.
  4. Encourage exercise: Have you ever spent 60 minutes on a treadmill without listening to music or watching TV? I could think of nothing more boring than trying to exercise without some music. It also helps speed me up at times when the beat gets going and my legs try and keep up.
  5. An aid to sleep: Now I am not talking about trying to sleep while singing along to the Top 40, but some quiet, gentle music can certainly help relax your mind, take your thoughts off the day’s events, and allow you to drift off to a beautiful sleep. Many people have commented that it also keeps their mind from thinking up or dwelling on problems, allowing for a quicker decent into sleep.

So, what have you got to lose? Whether for pain, sleep, exercise, moods, or work, just a few minutes music a day may make a big difference in your life.

Living each adventure,
Trev and Chris Barre

5 benefits of listening to music every day
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