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Did you know that adding spices to your food not only makes the food look nicer and taste better, but it also brings significant health benefits as well?

Take Turmeric for example. Adding half a teaspoon to your cooking adds both colour and flavour that is much sought after in many styles of curry and Asian cooking that requires a slightly bitter or peppery taste.

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But did you know that it may also have anti-inflammatory effects on your body – without the side effects seen from taking some harsh prescription medications over a long time.

In fact the Internet is filled with testimonies from people declaring that it has helped them combat different forms of cancer, arthritis, liver problems, and high cholesterol.

Turmeric can be added to egg salads for additional colour, used in your next rice dish, included in curries and steamed vegetables, and even used in home-made dips.

A spice which brings good health – sounds like good news to me!

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Note: This article is for information only and is not intended as medical advice. No spice should be used in lieu of current prescription medication without approval and expert advice from your medical professional.

Health benefits to adding spice to your food
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