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Canon 650D 18-55mm, 1/125th, f8, ISO250

You may have lived in your current house for five weeks or 50 years. Maybe you were raised in your present neighbourhood and attended a local school. And possibly right now, you are at work doing the same job that you have done for ten years.

During all that time you would have become accustomed to the sights and sounds around you, the people you interact with, the foods you eat, and the entertainment you attend. If during this time you have not encountered too many folks from other countries, you may find you have become very rigid in your thinking, eating, and living.

Now imagine that you are suddenly taken out of that environment, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and plopped down in a strange country where absolutely EVERYTHING is different. Their skin is a different colour; they speak another, strange language; they eat food you have never seen, tasted or smelt before; and they entertain themselves in completely different ways.

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Canon 650D, 18-55mm, 1/125th, f8, ISO1600

That, my friend is exactly the reason why you need to travel. Just for the fun of exposing yourself to new cultures where everything is new and wonderful. Where you can be introduced to incredibly different foods and smells. And have the opportunity to see how other people live, work and play.

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Travel does more than just open your eyes to the world. It actually opens your own eyes as well. You find yourself gaining confidence in interacting with others, and finding out who the real you really is.

You also become a member of the exclusive ‘Travellers Club’ where you can make friends around the world with similar interests to your self. Even though you may be worlds apart, both physically and in terms of occupation and normal day-to-day interests, you share a common love of travel. And that will give you a friend for life who will forever encourage you to travel again and again.

So please don’t think of travel as just a once-off holiday. It is a life changing experience from which you will never recover!

Living each adventure,
Trev and Chris Barre

How travelling opens your eyes to other cultures

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