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A fine wine which has aged gracefully

Sometimes one wonders whether there is any real value in keeping a bottle of wine for an extended period in the hope that ageing will develop and draw out its flavours.

And then one has the opportunity to taste the Taylors Promised Land 2009 Shiraz Cabernet, and all doubts disappear. This beautifully-tasting wine held our attention from the first drop.

Coming from a distinguished local winemaker, this well-priced South Australian dry red was smooth and rich, with lovely tastes of red berries and plums. Quite full-bodied due to its age, there was still a touch of spice, licorice  and chocolate in the wine.

Would it have continued to develop past this year? Well, we will never know now! (secretly I have a feeling that it would have, lol)

This lovely wine can be consumed with a wide variety of foods, including a wide range of Asian and Italian beef dishes, Aussie burgers on the BBQ,  and some pork dishes. Be careful about consuming this wine with foods which are too delicate.

Our Score: 4.7 out of 5.

Living each adventure,
Trev and Chris Barre

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Wine Review: Taylors Promised Land 2009 Shiraz Cabernet
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