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Today’s Guest Post comes from  Olesya Bath of Sprachdirekt, a German-based company specializing in arranging a multitude of diverse language courses worldwide for thousands of travellers.

Many of us love to travel and for very good reason! Whether we decide to go somewhere near or far, we get the chance to discover some wonderful sights, meet interesting people and gain many interesting experiences! So we plan our trip, find accommodation, pack accordingly and share a few (or a lot!) of photos with our friends on social media along the way.

However, how many of us actually decide to learn some of the local language before or even during our trip? It seems that there aren’t many of us, as most of us think that ‘everyone can speak English’ and if not, there is always the option of sign language!

Well, here’s the thing. This one seemingly small issue can actually make such a big difference to your trip! Not only can you get to know the locals a little better and understand more about their culture but also you will feel much more at ease with the new place and gain some amazing experiences you could never have had before with just with a little effort.

learn a foreign language, travel

Because for many of us, as soon as we step off a plane, we are bombarded with signs and gestures which seem completely alien to us. It makes everyday life just that little more challenging when you realise the restaurant you really want to go to doesn’t have an English menu, or that the pharmacist speaks very broken English and hands you plasters when you just want some headache pills.

Of course, you can always stick to tourist hot spots in most countries and get by just fine, but this will really limit your travel experience and you will not be able to get the true flavour of the place you visit.  Even a few key phrases could help turn your trip into something spectacular and you may get discounts, offers and maybe even make some new friends.

Whilst many people around the world can speak English, a lot would prefer to speak in their own language. When you make this effort, it shows an underlying respect for the locals so they will be much more willing to help you when travelling overseas.

learn a foreign language when travelling.

Thanks to today’s times, it has never been easier to pick up some phrases with the help of the internet or mobile apps so you don’t necessarily have to spend days cramming with a grammar book beforehand. However, to really get the best deal why not combine your trip with a language course? Not only will you be able to study with other like-minded people but you will also benefit from learning about the culture through various activities and excursions at the same time.

One such company that works with you every step of the way to plan your perfect language holiday is Sprachdirekt. With many top qualified schools around the world, you can choose different courses from beginners to advanced and they will also help to provide you with accommodation.

So, next time you travel, it could be you in Barcelona learning some Spanish along with Flamenco dancing!

Sprachdirekt™ has its headquarters on the Stachus square in Munich, Germany. Since our founding in 2003, we have arranged a multitude of diverse language courses worldwide for thousands of people. Our strength lies in our close cooperation with our partner schools and our 100% commitment to you before, during and after your language holiday. We are convinced that it is vital to develop and maintain close relationships with our schools and, even more importantly, with you, our participants and fellow travellers. 

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Guest Post – How to make your travels totally unforgettable!
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