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Did you know that partying can be good for you, and a lot of fun?  It sounds like an obvious enough statement, yet many folks are still living isolated, anxious, stressful times as they try and battle through life on our own.

Scientists and medical professionals have long believed that mankind was meant to live in a tribal-type or family environment where there was a hierarchy of children, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and extended family friends. Each of these played their part in assisting with raising children, caring for the the sick, mentoring and encouraging, offering empathy and sympathy, and being there with a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

When that community of peoples exists, there is greater harmony and fewer opportunities for isolation and depression to fester.

photobooth, parting can be fun

However, take away that support network, and especially as people age and partners die,  people can begin to feel alone, worry excessively, and sometimes even take the drastic step of ending their lives to escape the pain and loneliness.

One way that can be avoided is by ensuring that all members of a community have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other, and to provide folks with companionship and moments of fun where they can let go of their worries and enjoy themselves.

We did this recently at a birthday party where we were invited to set up and run a photobooth. We went shopping and bought bags  of funny hats, marks, glasses, wigs and party costumes which people could wear for a fun photograph.

Initially given the average age of those attending, we were not too sure how many people would participate. However we set it up and began by taking photos of ourselves to try and encourage others. But did it work? Could we encourage others to have fun with us?

photos, partying, fun

Well, before long, there were so many people wanting to dress up and have a photo taken that we had flat camera batteries and a full laptop hard drive! We were amazed and delighted just how many people relished the opportunity to forget their problems for a little while and have some fun. These folks had a ball and reaffirmed for us just how important those moments are for all of us.

So, have you partied lately? Let us know what you did and how it changed or improved the mood for people as they let down their hair and had some fun.

Chris and Trev Barre

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Why partying can be good for you
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