We all like to think we will stay best friends with certain people all of our lives. Unfortunately history often shows that we may not even being to talking to our best friend in five years time. So should you ever risk travelling with your BFFN (best friend for now), just in case things don’t work out as planned while away?

Maybe Trevor and I are just lucky to have had a really good marriage over the last 40 years, but somehow we just love travelling places together and spending time in each others company. However, we do know some people who appear to have a good relationship with a best friend, but in reality we think they might struggle if they had to spend any serious time together in a variety of stressful situations and cramped accommodation options over a lengthy period.

And believe me, you do not want to be stuck overseas in some far out of the way place if and when that relationship disintegrates. So maybe before heading off on any serious travel with your BFF (best friend forever), you might want to spend some time together first and ask yourselves some deep questions:

What are your typical daily routines?

Do you like to get up at daybreak and make the most of each day while your BFFTTE (best friend forever til the end) loves to sleep in to midday? Do you shower each morning while she only has a weekly bath? Do you always believe in eating three healthy meals a day while he snacks out on fast food and energy drinks?

let’s talk finances!

Are you planning to stick to a tight budget throughout the trip while your bestie has unlimited parental funds to draw on? Are you expecting a 50/50 financial split on all the costs while you know he never dips into his pocket normally when you go out? Will you be looking at budget backpacking options while she wants five star luxury all the way?

Are your living styles compatible?

Are you an organiser while your buddy is a totally free spirit without a worry in the world? Will you be planning every activity and bathroom break while she is off chasing rainbows at a whim? Do you need to spend time occasionally in a city with a laundromat to wash your clothes while he is happy to just jump in a stream fully clothed and air dry everything?

Who likes their own space?

Some people love to be around others all the time while others need some private time. Maybe you need to take time out each day to clear your head and get perspective while she needs to be around you asking advice constantly? Perhaps you crave your independence within a relationship while he doesn’t trust you if you are out of sight?

let’s talk dealbreakers!

While you hope that you will both get on like fire and have a ball, you need to frankly discuss beforehand what is definitely off the list if you are to travel. You might not think it is a big deal, but if your friend later admits to being extremely claustrophobic just as the plane takes off on a 15 hour flight, you might be concerned! If you really hate people touching you and your friend drags you into a busy marketplace where beggars are all over you for money, there might be a problem. You might hate being on a boat while he can’t stand camels. You might panic at the sight of clowns while she goes off the rails if she sees a bird get too close Whatever those things are that really upset you or cause you to panic, they need to be discussed and agreed on beforehand.

These 5 simple tips could make the difference between having a great holiday and remaining friends, or having the holiday from hell. So, grab a coffee, sit down, have a really good, frank discussion beforehand and have a great holiday later.

Living each adventure,
Christine and Trevor Barre
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Should You Ever Travel With Your Best Friend?
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