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Guest Post – If you love to travel, work in hospitality.

Have a passion for travel? Well, if you are a lover of jet-setting around the globe, the hospitality industry may be for you. There are many job opportunities out there, including work in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and more. Here are some hospitality jobs that may interest you:

Guest Post - If you love to travel, work in hospitality, chef

  1. Chef: Take your culinary talent across borders. Everybody has to eat, right? So, why not make a living doing what you love best – cooking – and make others feel happy and full. You have the options of either working for an already established restaurant, or being your own boss. If you have short-term plans in a foreign country, consider learning about the native cuisines and culinary styles. You can take what you learn there to your next destination.

Guest Post - If you love to travel, work in hospitality, bartender

  1. Barista/Bartender: Similar to the restaurant jobs of a chef, offer your skills in beverage-making. Whether you create morning pick-me-up caffeinated drinks in the morning, or be the rockstar at the bar at night, you can surely have a good time and make money. It can also be really fun getting to interact with the locals. Hey, you can even pick a new language!

Guest Post - If you love to travel, work in hospitality, hotel receptionist

  1. Hotel Receptionist: If you graduated with a hospitality degree, you can gain global experience working at a hotel abroad. You can meet and help guests from all over the world. Your customer service knowledge and studies will be definite assets as a hotel staff member.

Guest Post - If you love to travel, work in hospitality, digital marketer

  1. Digital Marketer: As a digital marketer, you can virtually work anywhere you like. (Well, all you need is a computer and a Wifi connection). You can potentially work with international clients such as restaurant chains, hotel brands and even smaller names, like mom and pop businesses. Restaurants hiring in nyc typically consult these companies in upgrading their marketing efforts to fit with the 21st century, like using social media and viral campaigns.

Enjoy your travels, and feel free to visit us for more information.

Jacob Rapkin and Christie Li

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Guest Post – If you love to travel, work in hospitality
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