Pecan and date protein balls with sprinkles

If you have little ones at home, they will love to help you make these delicious pecan and date protein balls, especially when they get to add (and taste) the sprinkles!

They are quick and easy to make, especially if you have a food processor at hand, or otherwise they can still be easily made in a mixing bowl.

Pecan and date protein balls with sprinkles - using a food processor

Using a mixture of rolled oats, crushed nuts and chopped dates, the food processor makes short work of the process. We also added some honey, choc chips and vanilla extract to the mix.

If you are looking for a little extra sweetness, we have tried this mix with some coconut sugar and it works well with the recipe. The decision therefore is yours as to how sweet you would like the balls to end up.

Pecan and date protein balls with sprinkles, and so easy to make

The best part for the kids is rolling the mixture into small balls – we usually aim for balls with an approximate diameter of one inch (3 cm), but with the little ones helping they will probably be every size imaginable, lol.

Have a go and let us know what you think.

Pecan And Date Protein Balls With Sprinkles!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Yield: 12 Balls

Serving Size: Bite-sized


  • One third of a cup of rolled oats
  • Half to one cup of crushed pecans
  • One cup of chopped dates
  • One third of a cup of choc chips
  • One tsp of vanilla extract
  • Two tbsp of honey
  • Two tbsp of coconut sugar if extra sweetness desired
  • Sprinkles (sugar strands) to coat balls in.


  1. Prepare a tray with a sheet of baking paper on it
  2. Pour some sprinkles/sugar strands in a small bowl to coat the balls afterwards
  3. Begin placing food items in a food processor or mixing bowl
  4. Ensure all items are small enough to bind together and form a good mixture (chop dates and chop or crush nuts)
  5. Mix all ingredients until a nice workable mixture is obtained. If too dry, add some small amounts of water, or if too wet add some extra nuts, oats or coconut
  6. Form small balls from the mixture and press together tightly
  7. Coat each ball with sprinkles/sugar strands
  8. Place the tray in the fridge for an hour to fully set mixture, and then place in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.
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Disclaimer: this recipe is not suitable for anyone with any food or nut allergy which might be brought on by any of these ingredients.

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Pecan And Date Protein Balls With Sprinkles!

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