Beauty: Are You A Makeup Brush Or Sponge Girl?

Okay girls. While we all have our favourite, we know this to be one of life’s eternal debates. Is a sponge or a brush better for putting on our makeup (or can we just use our fingers!)? And if you are expecting a definite answer here girls, you are sadly mistaken!

My mum showed me as I’m guessing yours did for you. You may have followed on in life using mum’s method, or you may have progressed to something ‘better’ after watching TV, seeing something on social media, chatting to friends, or attending a course.

Purely from a personal perspective, we have found that sponges are cheaper than brushes, more effective than fingers and seem to apply a sheer coverage, especially in hard-to-reach spots. Brushes however seem to be the preferred choice by many professionals as they provide great coverage, give a more even finish, and are quick to use. As for those fingers, well, they are completely free to use, and their warmth does help in the application – though things can get a bit messy!

But what do you think girls (and some guys)? Let us know which YOU prefer and we will share the results next week.

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Beauty: Are You A Makeup Brush Or Sponge Girl?

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