Photography: If You Have A Camera, Please Play With It.

Do you own a camera which allows you to adjust the shutter speed and aperture? Can you attach a flash or speedlight to it, or use an off-camera flash? Are you able to attach it to a tripod and take long exposures or close macro shots? If so, then please let us encourage you to play with as many of those settings and shots as possible.

If you always leave that camera on its automatic setting you will restrict yourself to what the camera thinks your photos should look like, and many times you will be disappointed with the result. Make the adjustments yourself and perhaps incorporate a speedlight and tripod, and you will be blown away with your results.

The above photo was taken in a dark room with our camera on a tripod and in full manual mode. Our light was then placed INSIDE the hollowed-out pineapple rather than on the camera looking at it. Quite a different result, don’t you think?

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Photography: If You Have A Camera, Please Play With It.

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