Families: Take Lots Of Silly Photos Along The Way - You Will Never Regret It!

Over the years we have taken a ton of photos. Firstly of our children, and then later with our grandchildren. And you know what? Now we look back on them many years later, the ones that give us the greatest pleasure are the ones which make us laugh.

Don’t get us wrong, we love looking at all those family get togethers, posed smiles, and school portraits, they are delightful. But the best memories come flooding back when we look at a photo of one of the kids doing something as natural as pulling a bucket over their head, or playing music on a saucepan lid with a wooden spoon, or hiding in a cardboard box, or playing with the dog in the garden sprinkler.

Every memory is back, as clear as if it was just yesterday!

So please do yourself a big favour, and next time you have the camera out to take some family photos, just keep it out and ready to use – just in case. And if a few silly photos present themselves, snap a few and hang on to them.

One day you will be very glad you did.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Families: Take Lots Of Silly Photos Along The Way – You Will Never Regret It!

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