Health: Are You A Coconut Oil Devotee Yet!

No doubt you have heard or read about all the health benefits of using coconut oil over existing products you may have been using for years. There are claims by many that it improves mental focus, boosts brain power, helps remineralize teeth, and is the healthier or better option for your cooking oils, makeup bag, first aid kit and even in your weight loss shakes.

While we think the jury may still be out on some of these claims, we have started using it for a number of its uses and would love to hear from you guys on what you find it is good for.

We think it is a great moisturizer for both hair and skin, and love using it in baking and cooking. And we know of people who put it in their coffee, and use it as a shave cream, night beauty cream, massage oil, and to aid digestion.

While we know it is not some kind of superfood, we are happy using it and may in time find many other uses for it.

So what are your thoughts on using coconut oil around the home? Drop us a comment below and share the news with others.

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Health: Are You A Coconut Oil Devotee Yet!

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