Families: When Did You Last Do Something Just For Fun?

One of the hardest things for parents to achieve (and believe us, there are plenty!) is making time for fun with their children on a regular basis. We are not talking here about that five-minute interaction while you are trying to watch the evening news on the TV, but regular, quality one-on-one fun where your child has your complete and undivided attention!

And yes, we do know what it is like. Some days it just feels like you are on some out-of-control  treadmill of activity with your children consisting of school, homework, sport, dinner, chores, bed, interrupted sleep, sickness, medical appointments, school appointments, obligatory family visits, etc, etc, etc. Yep, been there, done that.

But somewhere in that flurry of activity, there comes a time for every parent to make a conscious decision about how each day or week is spent with that child or children. Fail to do that, and one day those kids will be adults who will want little to do with you and risk repeating the poor parenting habits you taught them with their children.

Keep in mind that the things you do with your children do not need to be momentous:
  • read a ten minute bedtime story each night
  • bake a cake together
  • go for a bicycle ride
  • learn an activity together (making seashell into a wind chime for younger kids, or archery for the older ones)
  • play their favourite video game (we are hopeless at Call of Duty with older grandchildren!)
  • go on a hike
  • play a board game they all like
  • go looking for Pokemon
  • have individual time out with one parent (we did this once a month), or
  • play in the sprinklers on a warm day.

What you do is not as important as doing something they enjoy. Putting it off until a ‘better’ time however is a fatal mistake in the future relationship with your children.

Would you agree?

If you do, let us know what you do or did to build that very important relationship with your kids.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Families: When Did You Last Do Something Just For Fun?

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