Fitness: Why You Should Workout Today!

We all have those days where we think about exercising, but then the body aches, our daily schedule looks busier than ever, the kids are moaning, and the rain is pouring down. We get it, we really do. And no, we are not some super fit, extra muscled, keep fit freaks. In fact, given the choice between running in the rain and watching a good movie, the TV would probably win every time!


We also know that once you get through your twenties, our metabolism begins to slow down, the exercise regime seems to get harder, the excuses NOT to exercise become more regular, and that darn fat stacks on our bodies easier than ever before. The longer you leave it, the harder it is, and the more chance you have of injuring yourself in the process when you do exercise. So, are there any good reasons to exercise? Well, yes there are, and we are glad you asked.

  1. Exercising make you a happier person. REALLY! All those good hormones are released and the fitter you get, the better you feel. You can breathe easier, your body moves better, and you look forward to the next time you get get a sweat up.
  2. You feel more confident about your life and the decisions you make. Don’t ask us how but somehow you just seem to move through life without so much effort and that seems to make you a more confident person.
  3. It reduces stress and clears your mind, allowing you to make better decisions and have clearer strategies for your life ahead. We all know how a good walk in the woods can do wonders for a foggy brain, and all that fresh air seems almost like a healing tonic.
  4. You look better in clothes. You really do. You find it easier to buy clothes off the rack, and they just seem to hang better on you.
  5. Your posture will improve as you increase your muscle mass and build your core muscles. This in turn will often reduce pain and make you feel better that you have in a long time.

Of course, it goes without saying that no one should engage in a new exercise program without checking with their health professional first. They are the best people to assist you in developing an appropriate exercise program for your age, weight and level of health. And having experienced more than our fair share of health problems over the years, we know the importance of seeking assistance from qualified, experienced professionals you trust. And with their assistance and guidance, and your commitment and determination, the future is already looking VERY bright and healthy!

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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DISCLAIMER: This article is written for informational purposes only and is based on Christine and Trevor’s own life experiences. No recipe featured on this site should ever be attempted or consumed if known or suspected allergies exist. Nothing featured here should be taken as medical, health, professional or legal advice. It is always recommended that you consult the appropriate professional before changing any routine or adopting any new procedure.

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Fitness: Why You Should Workout Today!

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