Photography: How Your Photos Can Become Art

If someone asked you to define ART, what would you say? Would you perhaps answer that art could encompass a variety of objects created to express a person’s imagination or ability? Maybe you think it must be something which can be appreciated for its beauty or skill? Or, you might say that it has to do with releasing a person’s creative juices.

However you define ‘art’, few would think of it as using a camera to take a photo, and then using your imagination and a range of post-processing applications to create something artistic from that photo. However, the world as we know it, is far removed from the days of Picasso painting and sculpting in France. While traditional art is still vitally important in today’s world, more and more people are appreciating the skill and creative genius that go into creating a fine art image from a photo (and the taking of that photo in the first instance is a creative process anyway). 

The medium might be different but the creativity is the same.

So, let us encourage you next time you think you have taken a photograph you really like, or even one you don’t, to think about what else you could create with it. You might start off adding some simple filters in a free app like Prisma, trying out a range of post processing programs that cost a few dollars like Topaz Simplify, or getting fully into a professional program like Adobe Photoshop where you can sign up to a monthly commitment.

The above image was primarily created in Photoshop as a way of removing most of the industrial-type background which ruined the photo. We were able to remove the distracting background and significantly change the overall appearance of the image.

The important thing is to experiment. Ensure you keep an original version of the photo just in case you make some mistake which you can’t undo. See what you like and what you don’t. Try a number of programs or apps and find out what works best in obtaining the type of style you are after. Many of the paid options like Topaz allow you to download a free trial version for you to play with before making a final decision.

Whichever path you take, please have a go and see if you enjoy creating some art from your photos. You might finally release that creative giant inside of you that the world has been dying to meet. And who knows, you may even be able to exhibit or sell some!

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Photography: How Your Photos Can Become Art

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