Families: How Do You Choose Your Baby's Name?

Does he look like a Noah? Would mum be happy if we called her Adaline? Wonder what grandpa will think when he knows we have another Ethan in the family? I love the name Charlotte, can we use that?

The reasons for choosing a baby’s name are as numerous as the names themselves. And every year those ‘favourite‘ baby names seem to change to suit some Hollywood fad, world event or royal birth! Jennifer was popular in the 1970s, whereas George came back into vogue in 2013 after the little prince was born. Lucas and Jackson are still around, as are Isabella and Madison. 

Some current favourites seem to be Ava, Emma, Olivia, and Liam, Oliver, Mason.

But what about you guys?

Do you have a chosen method for naming your babies? Are they based on current family members, famous actors, or just what you took a fancy to in some baby books? 

Drop us a comment below and tell us how you choose your baby’s name.

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Families: How Do You Choose Your Baby’s Name?

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