Nutrition: Is A Healthy Lifestyle Determined More By HOW, rather Than WHAT You Eat?

A few years back we were desperately trying to lose weight and regain some level of fitness we has enjoyed in our younger years. We began scrutinising every single thing we ate, we counted calories and points, and we never let up the pressure on ourselves to achieve our desired outcome. Whether we were at home or out and about we followed our strict regime seven days a week.

After a LOT of effort our weight had dropped slightly, but our cholesterol was still too high and we were still overweight. Plus we were unhappy and disillusioned.

We were almost at the point of throwing away the food we had bought and just eat the damn packaging!

One day we knew that we could not keep this up. And that day we had our break through. We finally realised we had been so focussed on the end goal that we had lost the joy of the journey. And we knew that something had to change if we were ever going to really enjoy a long and healthier lifestyle.

We spoke to our GP and decided to redo our goals for the next three months to see if we could find a better way in which we could eat properly, exercise regularly, lose weight and improve our overall health. Our plan centred around enjoying the process as well as the end result, and we would even allow ourselves treats if we went out on the weekend. We enjoyed an ice cream if we went to the beach, or a pancake in the city. And we came to realise that by taking the pressure off ourselves, we were in fact working harder during the week to obtain better results than when we punished ourselves.

We began enjoying ourselves again. We looked forward to planning healthy meals together instead of eating whatever came out of the freezer, and going on bike rides together rather than giving up on the treadmill. And when we enjoyed a lovely treat, we were always looking forward to getting back into the ‘routine’ once again.

All things in moderation proved to be a better plan than deprivation!

Can anyone else relate? We are certainly not suggesting that anyone should abandon their diet, fitness or health plan for an instance. But maybe, just maybe, if it is not working for you, that you might want to talk to the appropriate health professional to see if there is a better way for you too. We can all enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it just takes the right plan to achieve it.

And maybe, it is not so much what you are eating or not eating, but rather how well you are planning your overall eating and exercising regime to fit your lifestyle that is holding you back? We would love to know your thoughts.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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DISCLAIMER: This article is written for informational purposes only and is based on Christine and Trevor’s own life experiences. No food featured on this site should ever be consumed or handled if known or suspected allergies exist. Nothing featured here should be taken as medical, professional or legal advice. It is always recommended that you consult the appropriate professional before changing any routine or adopting any new procedure.

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Nutrition: Is A Healthy Lifestyle Determined More By HOW, Rather Than WHAT You Eat?

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