Beauty: What Your Mother May Not Have Told You About Removing Your Makeup!

When you consider the millions of girls (and some boys) around the world who wear makeup on a regular basis, don’t you think there would be a very good understanding on how to get it back off your face? And yet, you can ask ten of your best friends how they remove their makeup, and WHEN they do it, and you are likely to get just as many different answers!

Many of us learnt the basics from our mum, or friends later on, and have sort of developed a routine in the years since that suits us and our particular lifestyle. But is there a better way? Is there in fact ONE correct method for when and how we should remove makeup?

We were always told that makeup should never be left on overnight. This allows the skin to breathe and repair itself (it also stops all that mess on your pillows!). We have found that just using wipes did not remove all the makeup, and that if wipes are used it became just a first step. And we never use just one wipe, otherwise all it does is smear makeup around your face.

We also make a point of cleaning off the makeup, and then taking the time to carefully clean our face to ensure all the cleanser has been removed too. The choice of makeup remover is also important to us, depending upon whether it is just a light concealer to be removed or the whole works.

Because everyone’s skin is different, our strong suggestion would be for everyone to make an appointment to speak with a qualified beauty therapist or skin specialist for advice on the correct makeup remover and beauty treatment for their type of skin. You may think you are an expert but the reality is that new products are coming out all the time, and new and better ways are being discovered on how to care better for your skin.

This is especially important if you are a person who travels frequently and spends a lot of time in pressurised aircraft. We find that the low humidity really dries out and irritates our skin, so we ensure we clean, moisturize and hydrate our skin well before we fly to keep it in tip-top condition. 

So do yourself a favour. Get some professional advice and you might just discover some beauty secrets even your mum didn’t know about.

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Beauty: What Your Mother May Not Have Told You About Removing Your Makeup!

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