When You Think Of 'Home', Does A Caravan Come To Mind?

It is believed that caravans have been around for hundreds of years. Though unlike the ones we enjoy today, the traditional use of the word caravan is thought to date back to a time when groups would travel across the desert transporting goods from one location to another. Eventually the idea caught on to include some sleeping compartments for added comfort, and the modern idea of a caravan was born.

Of course it took time for them to include amenities like the shower, air conditioner and washing machine which we enjoy today!

Most of us in modern times prefer to live in homes permanently secured to the ground and only use a caravan for brief family holidays. However, times are changing and more people are growing sick of the ‘rat race’ and are selling up to become so-called ‘nomads’, taking all their worldly possessions with them.

Some travel to experience new sights and sounds, while others see it as a more peaceful retreat, often staying months at a time in one place and following the sun as seasons change. Some also use the opportunity to work around the country as different fruits and vegetables come into season and casual labourers are required.

But could YOU live in a caravan full time?

Many folks dream of escaping but very few do in reality, preferring to stick with the security of  bricks and mortar, the spaciousness and separation of a family home over a small caravan, and the reliability of shops, schools and work close at hand.

However, we would love to know your thoughts if you think you could live full time in a caravan, especially if you have already successfully transitioned into a full time ‘nomad.’ 

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When You Think Of ‘Home’, Does A Caravan Come To Mind?
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