Are You Motivated Enough To Succeed

In 12 months time you can be one of two possible people.

The person you really want to be, or the person you become by default. Which one of these you eventually turn out to be, will be by and large the result of three things.

  1. your decision to change
  2. the willpower to start the change process, and
  3. the commitment to see that change through to the end!
If your desire to change is not strong enough, you will stay the same.
If you don’t REALLY want it, you will not get off the couch to achieve it.
If you lack the determination and willpower to do whatever it takes, you will give up.

So what person will you be in 12 months?

If you want to be that person who is prepared to set firm goals and smash the hell out of them to be the person you really want to be, let us know below. We would love to check in on you and help motivate you in the coming months to stay the course.

p.s. as always, we recommend you seek relevant professional advice before making any change in your life which needs their assistance and guidance.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

Empowering people to live a healthy, active, authentic and fulfilling life.
Adelaide, South Australia.
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Are You Motivated Enough To Succeed?
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