Do You Enjoy A Happy And Successful Lifestyle?

Did you know that even the great Richard Branson has struggled at times in his life. He did not have everything laid out for him to inherit, nor did he just take over the business from good old millionaire mum or dad. Just like us, he had to work out many issues throughout his life in order to find the success that he now enjoys.

And if he can do it – guess what? We can too. It just requires the correct application of certain principles, and then we too can find happiness and success in our life.

But what is it that actually defines a good life? Is it when you have a great family life? Maybe it has something to do with your ability to help others, like Mother Theresa? In fact it probably means different things to everyone: getting married, making lots of money, having kids, climbing that mountain, losing weight, becoming a marathon runner, driving a luxury car like the one above, finding God, owning a house, or running a great business? Maybe success for you is simply being able to get out of bed, making it through the day and having a nice job?

We have all heard the expression, “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” referring to those who have inherited wealth (and apparent happiness and success) from parents, as against those who have done it tough, and made their own way in life. But are the rich and famous any happier with their life?

The magazines are full of news about the sons and daughters of famous millionaires who, despite their wealth and upbringing are now in drug rehabilitation, serving time in jail, or have already died at an early age. If this is true, then money and status would not seem to be the answer, and perhaps there are other factors to consider when planning our lives if we are ever to achieve a happy and successful lifestyle.

Would you agree?

In coming months, we would like to share some of the keys we have discovered in our time about enjoying a happy and successful lifestyle, and we would love your involvement and feedback as we undertake this wonderful journey.

Will you join us?

We really do hope so. If you will, please let us know below so we can keep in touch.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Do You Enjoy A Happy And Successful Lifestyle?
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