Do you have monsters in your garden!

One of the great joys of warmer weather is being able to spend time in the garden. Wherever you live in the world, I’m sure there are days when the sun is out and the day is warm, and you just LOVE being outside: planting flowers, pruning plants, preparing the ground for the next season’s seedlings, or maybe just sitting in a chair enjoying the peace and quiet.

but are you safe out there?

After reading a news article the other day, we realised just how many of us work in the garden without any protective measures. Or with little thought as to what we might come across when picking up a pile of dead leaves, moving some old wood slats, or crawling between plants to spread some fertilizer.

In Australia for example, you could come across one of the world’s most venomous snakes, the Inland Taipan, generally found in central east Australia. It’s venom is so potent you could be dead in under an hour, and one bite in theory possesses enough lethality to kill up to 100 adults!

Not the sort of creature you want to disturb in the garden.

One of the most deadly spiders, the Sydney Funnel-Web spider also lives in Australia and you wouldn’t want to find one of its fangs sinking into your hand either. Their fangs are so large and powerful it is said they can pierce a toenail! While antivenom is available, their venom can cause severe reactions and a male could kill you if you do not get assistance.

And the bad news is that most gardens around the world contain at least some creatures which could cause you harm if they bite or sting you. Even the plain old Honey Bee can cause severe reactions in some people. So what are we to do if we want to spend time outdoors?

We always ensure we wear appropriate closed in shoes and appropriate clothing relevant to the task at hand. We also take care when moving objects, picking up tools or buckets, or when moving any equipment in the garden. We discourage rodents with use of an enclosed garden recycle bin, picking up after ourselves and avoid leaving any dead or rotting material around.

And we always have a fully stocked first aid kit in the home.

But what about you guys? Do you take any precautions when working in the garden? We would love to know your thoughts and any hints or tips.

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Do You Have Monsters In Your Garden!
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