Five Benefits Of Having Regular Creative Time!

Have you ever walked through an art gallery or exhibition looking at some abstract pieces of art and wondered, how on earth did the artist ever create something like that? And not only how, but why?

When we first turned our hand to artistic matters, our attempts generally involved lots of straight lines, solid shapes of buildings, and yes, even that boring bowl of fruit – but with very little free expression. However, as we put aside our judgement and fear, we were able to relax and trust ourselves enough to see what we could create. And over time we began to see the advantage of being creative without any set intention as to what we would eventually create.

And with that ability to express our art in the way we wished, a real sense of freedom developed to just be ourselves. We could at last create something we felt proud of without any self-imposed judgement or criticism. The above piece is something we love, and yet a few years ago, we would never have attempted it, never mind show it off publically! And we would have been emotionally poorer for it.

So today, we would love to encourage anyone reading this post to consider allowing yourself the freedom to really be who you truly are, and experience the joy and benefits of having regular creative time in your life.

You might like to doodle, paint, sketch, mold, colour-in, play music, chisel, design, dance, use photoshop, act, perform, juggle, or whatever you enjoy doing, and which allows you to get out of your head for a few minutes to do something creative. 

Any why should you bother doing this?

Because there are real benefits being shown in studies by people who do. Some of these include:

  1. being better able to overcome challenges at home and in the workplace
  2. having a greater sense of self worth and purpose
  3. experiencing better moods and overall health
  4. enjoying better relationships with other people around you, and
  5. being happier.

So what’s stopping you? Why don’t you pick up a crayon, paintbrush, or musical instrument and see what you can create? You might just surprise yourself and have a ball doing it. Let us know below if you did and the benefits you gained from the experience.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

Empowering people to live a healthy, active, authentic and fulfilling life.
Adelaide, South Australia.
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Five Benefits Of Having Regular Creative Time!
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