Nutrition: What Do You Snack On?

Trying to lose or maintain weight or get fit? One of the hardest decisions you will have to make every day is what to snack on? It is not so bad when you are keeping busy, but as soon as you have time on your hands, those dreaded hunger pangs start.

And it is just too easy to grab something out of the cupboard, sit in front of the TV and munch your way through some processed rubbish full of carbs, fat and salt that will set you back after all your hard work.

We have always found it beneficial to plan ahead each week and ensure that we keep a number of snacks which will assist us in our healthy journey by giving us the energy we need while meeting our nutritional requirements. And of course they need to taste nice or we will soon be looking elsewhere.

Our favourite snacks include fresh fruit in season, homemade popcorn, greek yoghurt with fruit, low-fat cheese with some sliced meat, a selection of nuts and fruit, some tuna or prawns, homemade granola bars, or some yummy eggs.

But please don’t think that you can get by without snacks.

We have tried and failed and everyone we have spoken to has also failed in an attempt to just eat 3 meals a day and nothing else. So plan ahead, organise your snacks before you start your healthier journey and you will be far better off. 

Do you have a favourite snack you head for when hungry and wanting to eat something good for you? We would love to know your options for when our stomachs start growling! 

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Nutrition: What Do You Snack On?

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