Pets: What Type Of Dog Should You Adopt?

Every year around the world thousands of cute little puppies are bought or given to people as gorgeous living presents. And unfortunately every year, a great many of those puppies end up abandoned, mistreated or in shelters after the new owners found the puppy did not meet their particular lifestyle or temperament.

So as we get closer to Christmas this year, please give a lot of thought before buying any living pet, either for yourself or another.

That little bundle of joy should be with you for many years to come and they don’t deserve to be dumped just because you or someone else change their mind.

Some thoughts we have about adopting a dog include:

  • always purchase from a reputable source who can give assurance that it is not the product of a puppy farm, and has been properly checked, desexed, micro-chipped and immunised.
  • think about the age of those in your household and whether any young ones will be better suited to a tiny, biting puppy or an older, quieter dog. Also think about any older and more frail persons who live in the house who could easily trip over a tiny, fast-moving and active dog.
  • what sort of environment will the dog be coming to live in? Is it a compact unit with no garden, a two-storey townhouse with steep stairs, or a palatial mansion with expensive polished wooden floors throughout? The type of residence will greatly impact on your eventual choice.
  • will the dog be home alone while all human occupants are in full-time employment or school, or is someone always at home? While all members of the family can contribute to the dog’s well-being, someone needs to have overall control to ensure their welfare.
  • what plans do you have for exercising and training the new member of the family? Please don’t buy a dog and just keep it locked in a small enclosed yard! He or she needs regular exercise, companionship, activities to challenge them, entertainment and love.
  • start thinking about what breed of dog will suit you and your family? Do you want a purebred Boxer or a mixed Terrier, a large Great Dane or a tiny lap dog? Each has it good and bad points, some have more health issues than others, while some are great around kids and others not so.

Because of all the above, we recommend getting professional advice from a local vet who can help you choose the right dog for your family, the correct food they will need as they grow, and provide expert medical advice if and when needed.  

And who knows, perhaps they might even talk you out of buying a dog, if it turns out to be nothing more than an impulse buy!

All the very best in deciding what type of dog you should adopt, if any. And please let us know below if you have any other tips to share with our readers.

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Pets: What Type Of Dog Should You Adopt?
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