Why Happiness Is Less About 'Stuff' And More To Do With Attitude!

Right now around the world, there will be people who classify themselves as ‘happy’ because of their apparent success in life or business. Maybe there is even someone in your own house who thinks likewise!

If you sought out a dictionary for a definition of what success actually means, you will find words such as attainment, succeeding, victory, favourable result, triumph, accomplishment. Don’t you find it interesting that in most cases it refers to doing or having done something? What is it then about success and happiness that it often seems like it is something you have to do to ‘get it?’

If you listen to media interviews or read magazine articles where film stars, business people, and others talk about their success, much of the underlying tone reveals that while they love their success, many also have a very real fear of losing that newfound success. They fear being a nobody once again! Why is this?

I believe the simple reason is that of possession. With success they were able to afford lots of expensive ‘stuff’ and having those possessions declared their status, success, and happiness to others. Unfortunately, whatever you possess can be taken from you.

Let’s take the analogy for a moment of a burglary at your home. You have just purchased the latest big-screen television that you take home and proudly connect to your home stereo system, ready to watch the latest movies.

While you’re out purchasing some suitable DVDs, your home is broken into and every electrical item in the house is taken, including the new TV. You arrive home shortly after; you walk into your home and find…nothing! What do you experience at this loss?

Despair, unhappiness, and heartbreak!

Where is your success now? Where did your happiness go? Despite all the years of accumulating ‘stuff’, you now find yourself in an empty, ransacked house. Perhaps you have insurance which in time will replace those stolen items, but will it also restore your happiness? We think not.

So next time you think about your version of success, the happiness it brings, and what it really means to you, perhaps think less about what ‘stuff’ you can continue to buy, and how you can better achieve a state of happiness just by being who you were meant to be and through the experiences you enjoy. It might be discovered through meditation, travel the world, finding work which really serves your passion, climbing mountains, clearing away distractions in your life, raising beautiful kids, managing stress effectively, or surrounding yourself with people who build you up and support you. 

Happiness can be achieved through a change in attitude, as many POW’s discovered during the war. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a terrible event for people to realise it.

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Why Happiness Is Less About ‘Stuff’ And More To Do With Attitude!
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One thought on “Why Happiness Is Less About ‘Stuff’ And More To Do With Attitude!

  • October 13, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Such a profound words! I’ve been enlighten because of your thoughts. Thanks you.


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