How To Better Connect With Your Kids

Having children is an evolving process where parents very quickly work out that what works with a six year-old toddler, does not necessarily work with a precocious teenager! Telling a two year-old to do something “because mum said so!’ just doesn’t seem to have the same outcome with a 14 year-old. Because of that, parents need to constantly learn how to connect with their kids throughout their growth into adulthood.

One of the biggest secrets we discovered was the importance of spending regular time with and building quality relationships with each child in the family. If you ignore kids all day or treat them as sheep, you cannot expect them to want to be with you, work with you, or be cooperative when needed.

Taking time to play is vitally important. Not just time on the Playstation, but real random play time where you let them experiment, get dirty, grow in knowledge, fail occasionally, and allow you to teach them through experiences.

It is important to understand that each of your children are very different people on the inside. They might all have brown hair or green eyes, but inside one might be an introvert while the others are fully out there extroverts. One might love books while another is all hands-on.

As parents you need to understand this and work with each child to develop those traits and allow them to grow into the adult they are meant to be.

Do this and your chances at connecting well with your kids will be greatly enhanced.

What are your secrets? We would love to know your thoughts below about how you successfully interact with your kids. 

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How To Better Connect With Your Kids
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