Five Reasons You Need To Stop Worrying Now!

So you know without us even saying it that you need to stop worrying, right? And yet so many of us spend so much of our lives being concerned about what might happen, or what if we don’t do something, or what if I do something? I once read a poem in which worry was equated with taking an umbrella with you on a sunny day, just in case it rained!

Excessive worry or anxiety can severely affect the quality of your life, keep you house-bound, impact your relationships with others, make you physically ill, and sadly even drive people to end their lives.

Worry or some level anxiety in itself might be fine if the matter of concern is genuine and you should be cautious. You wouldn’t enter a dark cave without first checking that a ferocious animal wasn’t about to rush out and attack you as you entered. That kind of worry is fine and is often what keeps people alive. However, when you live in a state of worry to the point where your every waking thought is being over-concerned with what others are thinking about you, the dirt on your hands, whether your kids are safe in bed, or if you are likely to die when you drive a certain route to work, then that worry is clearly affecting your life.

Some of the great tips taught to us over the years included:

  • doing something physical in order to get out of your head – lifting weights or going for a run can work wonders
  • meditation can be helpful, allowing you to calmly acknowledge your worries, accept them, and then let them go
  • being careful about what you eat and drink. A diet high in caffeine and fast food is probably not giving your body all the proper nutrients it needs
  • working through a specific muscle-relaxation exercise where you focus entirely on working slowly from your head to your toes relaxing each muscle group as you go, and
  • most of all, getting professional assistance from someone who is an expert in your area of worry. That person will be qualified and experienced to assist you and could turn your life around if you give them a chance.

Do you find that you worry excessively about something in your life? Did you find a an effective way of dealing with your anxiety so you could successfully live out your life? Drop us a comment below and share your success with others. 

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Five Reasons You Need To Stop Worrying Now!
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