The Ultimate European Road Trip Planning Centre

We all know how difficult planning an international holiday can be, as well as being extremely stressful and time intensive. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if someone else had already done all the hard work for you and prepared ALL the information you would ever need for your dream holiday? Well, thanks to our good friends at Auto Europe, we can confidently say that someone has done it at last.

Over the coming months we will be sharing some of the awesome research these guys have put together to ensure you can have the best European road trip of all time, and all contained in their brand new European Trip Planning Center. Anyone who has ever travelled to Europe, knows that the best way of exploring this incredible continent is by car, allowing you the freedom to really experience Europe and all it has to offer, beyond the typical big tourist destinations.

And this awesome resource hub has now been put together by the good folks at Auto Europe specifically to assist travelers and travel planners as they plan for their trips. 

In their planning center, you’ll find plenty of planning information, booking details and trip inspiration, including: 

  • over 40 road trip ideas, from 3 days in the Scottish Highlands to a trip through the winding roads of the Amalfi coast
  • trip inspiration, from the best beaches in Spain to the most kid friendly cities to visit
  • maps and driving distances/times between European cities
  • travel tips, from a one way rental guide to the ins and outs of the International Driver’s License, and even,
  • free travel guides.

As mentioned above, we will be sharing more of this amazing resource in future posts, but please, if you were ever thinking about visiting Europe or planning the road trip of a lifetime, head over to their European Trip Planning Center now and check out their incredible list of resources they have ready for you to access.

And start planning now!

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The Easiest Way To Plan A European Road Trip Yet!

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