Is your garden 'picture perfect' or do you really use it?

If you live in a house or apartment with any size garden, can we ask you a question today?

It is not a criticism of any kind, just us being nosy, finding out how others live, and whether there really is such a thing as an ‘average’ family garden? And so the question is in regards to your particular garden.

Why do you have one, and what do you actually use it for?

And the reason for the question (well, actually it’s two questions if you are counting!) is that we often hear people complaining about having to mow their lawns, keep the weeds under control, water the grass, replace and trim plants, and all the normal stuff that goes with maintaining a garden.

If you don’t enjoy doing any of the above ‘chores’ then I guess you really should be asking yourself why you have a garden in the first place? Why not just buy or rent an apartment with no garden and no outdoors area to maintain? It would seem a much more simple choice and would free up a lot of your spare time to do other things.

So then the second part of the question is addressed to those who do have a garden and make use of it. Do you delight in maintaining a ‘picture-perfect’ garden that would do a show home proud, that is planned and kept in an excellent condition all year round for family and friends to sit in, enjoy the views and take in the delightful aromas from the wide variety of flowers? Or are you more a casual gardener who plants as you see fit, grows grass for the kids and pets to play on, and while still being proud of your garden, does not stress over every little aspect of it?

We have friends who fit into all the above categories and as mentioned above, we do not imply any criticism towards you and how you keep or don’t keep your garden. Personally we tend to fit more into the last category where we still love our garden plants and its ambiance, but we also delight when the kids or grandkids call around and run all over it playing cricket, chasing a netball, hitting the totem-tennis, kicking a football around, and the like. After they leave, we simply tidy up the garden again, repair or remove any damaged plants and get the garden ready for the next family get-together.

But we also love visiting with friends where we can enjoy a lovely cup of tea in a stunning garden as we sit under the boughs of a 100 year-old shady tree.

But what about you?

We really would love it if you could drop a comment below and let us and all our readers know how you treat your garden and where you fit in regards to how you use it.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Is your garden ‘picture perfect’ or do you really use it?
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