Snack On Bananas To Get More Nutrients In Your Diet!

We were at our local supermarket this week and as we waited at the checkout to be served, we couldn’t help but notice what was coming out of the shopping trolley in front of us. At least 90% of the total shopping was processed food, with the remaining 10% being a few cleaning and personal care products, some milk, cheese and a small bag of potatoes and pumpkin.

Obviously we had no way knowing whether this was a normal weekly shopping pattern for this lady, but we were both aghast at what this person was feeding themselves (and possibly their family). The bulk of their diet was high fat, high sugar and high sodium food products with little apparent nutritional value. OMG!

And then people consuming this amount of processed food wonder why they get sick and go to the doctor for a pill to fix their health problems!

Don’t get me wrong – we also buy some processed foods in our weekly shopping trip, but it is always chosen carefully and more than balanced with fresh fruit and vegetables and healthier, more nutritional options that what comes out of a packet.

Bananas are one of the fresh foods we always have in the house so we can snack on them during the day, add to our recipes like muffins and granola bars, and even include in some sweet, healthy fudge. Although some people avoid them because of the carbs, we feel in the balance of good vs bad, they win out every time due to their high levels of vitamins and minerals, and NO fat.

We find them sweet enough to enjoy without any fear of upsetting any of our blood sugar levels. And being rich in fibre they are great for digestion. So when it comes to filling our weekly shopping trolley with food, we prefer to see it overflowing with fresh fruits and veg every time.

Try some bananas this week, and let us know what you think.

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Snack On Bananas To Get More Nutrients In Your Diet!
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