Five Art Projects You Can try Out To Prove You Have An Imagination!

Right now you might be reading this post thinking, ‘but I don’t have any art skills, I couldn’t do an art project if my life depended on it!’ Well, my friend, that is the very reason we wrote it, so please read on.

Many of us go through life without ever realising our true potential, and the pages of history are filled with stories of people who only came into their gift much later in life. And right now, you might be the very next person to realise that you are gifted, that you do have an imagination, and that yes, you can create a variety of art pieces if you choose to do so.

And because you are probably doubting me, I would like to set out five easy projects you can try out to prove me wrong. Mind you, before you criticise me for being wrong you must try them all, otherwise you won’t really have given yourself the best opportunity to get out of your head and let your true creative juices flow.

So, here goes. Five easy-to-do art projects you can try out to prove you have an imagination.

  1. find a blank sheet of white paper or cardboard and take it into the garden where you can make a little mess. Hunt through the house and garden to set yourself the task of creating an abstract piece of art. You might collect some food colouring, ink, crayons, glue, bark, leaves, grass cuttings, coffee grounds, bits of string, some denim offcuts and some dirt.  Using whatever you find and see what comes out of dripping, glueing, drawing, scratching, tipping, dribbling, crunching and whatever else takes your fancy. The object is simple: don’t TRY to make something, but rather to see what your imagination can create when let loose.
  2. go to the beach and collect whatever you find. It might be some small shells, driftwood, sand, bottle tops, coins, seaweed, rusty screws, and some rocks. Now return home and build a simple altar to a person you love or have lost. If you have a photo or two you can include this in with the items you found. As you start this process you may find many emotions coming out and wish to collect further mementos to add to this work along the way.
  3. find an old pair of light coloured sneakers or go and buy some cheap ones from the shop. With a selection of textas / thick coloured markers, I want you to turn those shoes into a work of art. What colours you use and what you draw on the shoes is entirely up to you. But you can’t finish until you have completed both shoes – and each one must be different!
  4. find or buy some sheets of black paper or cardboard, and a couple of old kids fluffy toys such as teddy bears or dolls (they must have soft faces though), and you will need some baby powder or talc.  The idea is to gently shake the white powder onto the faces of the teddy’s while they are laying on their back. Then gently pick up the teddy, softly shake off the excess powder before pressing the face of the teddy carefully down onto the black cardboard. Be steady though so it does not smudge. When you lift the teddy up you should have a stunning portrait! And the more you do, the better you will get.
  5. do you have a smartphone? Of course you do. Well, it is time to design a new cover for it. Using whatever you have around the home (which won’t damage or mark the phone of course) make a unique new cover for your phone. You might use cardboard and sticky tape, denim or old vinyl with a needle and thread, or whatever you like to create the cover, and then use a variety of coloured markers, fingernail polish, glitter, gold stars, and anything else to decorate it. Oh, and we want you to carry it with you for a day or two to show off to friends – so take your time.

Five easy projects which we hope and expect will have you recognising the amazing artistic talents which do in fact reside inside of you. And even if you don’t like everything you have created, so what? Next month those shoes could sell for a million dollars if someone else likes them. After all, what is art?

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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Five Art Projects You Can Try Out To Prove You Have An Imagination!

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