The Right Wine At The Right Price? Fact Or Fiction?

I have heard it said that being invited to an official function at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, presents a wonderful opportunity to drink a glass of wine worth several thousands of dollars a bottle! Now, I have never had that opportunity (still waiting for the invite!), but it poses a valid question: does one really have to pay THAT much money for a decent glass of wine over dinner?  Am I doomed to live forever surrounded by peasant wines while royalty in the UK wine and dine in grandeur?

Thankfully, I believe the answer is a resounding NO.

Like any other product in the world, there is an agreed market price where what people sell an item at has to match what others are prepared to pay for it. The 1989 Château Haut Brion served by the Queen (well, probably not by her personally!) might be worth that extraordinary amount of money to impress others at special state functions. But, I would be betting that any of our good Aussie reds such as a quality Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot could have been served with the venison and still put a smile on their faces!

And at a much cheaper price!

If that is true, then is there some easy guide as to what is a fair price to pay for a wine of your choosing? The answer, thanks to the Internet is very simple. By going to the website of any well-known wine dealer or merchant like Dan Murphy’s in Australia, all the wines and prices are there to be seen and compared. Looking for a cheap red to have around the BBQ? They have over 200 options for under $10. How about some special sparkling wine to impress the new in-laws? They have a lovely selection of 67 varieties over $200. And if you really want to check out some delicious fortified wines, they have over 300 to start working through at your leisure.

So, is it really possible to buy bottles of wine at a cost of several thousand dollars a bottle to have on hand just in case Her Majesty pops in? Yes, of course it is. But do you really need to pay that ridiculous amount to enjoy a lovely drink of nice wine with real friends.

I think the answer is a definite NO. Would you agree?

Living each adventure, 
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The Right Wine At The Right Price? Fact Or Fiction?
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