5 reasons to get on your bike

We all know we need to eat better and get off the couch more often in order to live a healthier lifestyle. But the difference between knowing something like this and actually doing it can sometimes be a very difficult task to overcome.

Rather than beat yourself up over not getting to the gym every day this week, or munching on the occasional chocolate, why don’t you turn it into a positive and look for ways in which you can better achieve your lifestyle goals?

Our lives were meant to be enjoyable and if we are always beating ourselves up over not being able to do something, or always failing at what we do attempt, we soon find our lives becoming quite negative and depressing. So today, let us encourage you to find something you can actually enjoy doing that will add some interest and enjoyment to your life.

By doing so you will probably find that your fitness levels improve, you will eat better, and you will certainly have a lot more fun along the way.

One way of improving the quality of your life is to grab your bike out of the shed, borrow a friend’s, or buy a cheap one to try out. Then grab your partner or ask a friend to come along for a ride through some beautiful landscape where you can get out and about in the fresh air. Do it once and you will be hooked and be doing it again sooner than you think.

And the benefits of jumping on your bike are obvious:

  1. it is a great way to get active which is easier on your body than running and many other forms of exercise
  2. it is easy to fit into your daily or weekly routine so you have a greater chance of maintaining the activity
  3. it is a cheaper form of transportation than taking your car – and more enjoyable
  4. you will sleep better at night after lots of exercise and fresh air, and
  5. the planet will thank you for it.

So what are you waiting for – get on your bike and get out there!

Of course, if you haven’t ridden or exercised for a while, you might want to check with your health professional first to ensure you are good to go, and perhaps work out a gradual exercise program for you to follow. 

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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5 Reasons To Get On Your Bike!
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