How Will You Carry Foreign Currency Overseas When Travelling?

One of the last decisions new travellers often leave until the last moment is working out how to carry and access the money they will need when overseas. And if you have never travelled internationally before this decision can be a worrying factor in your travel planning. Thankfully most major banking organisations have now made big strides forwards in regards to making this decision easier for all of us.

Whether you are going overseas for one day or one year there are now many good options available, and the biggest decision you now have is deciding which is the ‘best’ one for you. This might be decided by such things as the location you are travelling to, what options personally appeal to you and are most affordable, whether you are travelling through multiple destinations, and how easily you need to access and use that money.

The middle of the Gobi Desert or an ecotourism jungle trek might not be the easiest place to access an ATM. And the hassle of changing cash between Singapore dollars and British Pounds at a foreign airport might be more worrying for you than having ready access to a debit card which just lets you make an easy purchase in the local currency.

If you are new to travel, we would strongly suggest getting some expert advice from your local banking representative so you can be fully informed about what to do, and the possibility of travelling with at least two different currency options (our favourite precaution). Once you have done it a few times you find you can handle it with ease, but initially it can be quite unnerving when your only currency option (say a debit card) is not accepted by the coffee shop at the airport or when you jump in the taxi for the ride to the hotel! And if you think that just carrying cash is the better and less stressful option, your travel dreams might quickly be shattered if you get robbed in a bustling overseas market.

After seeking advice from your bank, you might finally decide on carrying some cash while placing most of your funds on a reputable card in a number of different foreign currencies you will need on your trip. Depending upon the card and plan used, the card should have a limited amount of money on it, you may not have to pay any overseas ATM fees, and you may be able to easily top it up if needed from your existing bank account online.

You may still decide to include a credit card in your currency mix if you are planning to make your larger purchases overseas, yet still be able to use the debit card for smaller day-to-day purchases, and have a little local currency for those odd taxi rides and snacks.

The options are there for you to use and they are improving all the time, so again let us strongly suggest you obtain professional advice before travelling so it becomes one less worry in your travel planning. 

Do you have a favourite mix of carrying foreign currency when travelling overseas? We would love to hear what everyone else does and whether there is a ‘favourite’ method that most other experienced travellers use? Drop us a comment below and share your success with others.

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How Will You Carry Foreign Currency Overseas When Travelling?
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