How You Can Build Non-Gym Activities Into Your Fitness Routine

Two of the most common excuses we all use not to keep fit are lack of access to any fitness equipment at home, or the inability to get to the gym on a regular basis. The reality is whichever excuse is used, at the end of the day they are just that: excuses!

We all know we need to exercise regularly to maintain or lose weight and to keep our body working at its maximum efficiency. So let’s explore other, and maybe better fitness options. 

But first, whether it’s because you have no fitness equipment at home, or you don’t have the time or ability to get to the gym. Let’s agree to end those excuses now. 

Just for the record, we are not against people going to gyms, and if that suits your type of workout then go for it. But if we look at the positives of not basing our fitness routine solely on any gym-type activity. then we open ourselves up to participating in a wide range of fun activities which can get us outdoors in the fresh air and having a ball while we do it.

Here for example are ten easy activities you could get engaged in to keep fit and meet new people:

  1. join a local team of walkers or runners in your area
  2. grab a friend and jump on a bike to take in some city views or parklands
  3. join an equestrian club and see how your fitness improves riding a horse
  4. hire a kayak or canoe and paddle along some local river or lake
  5. put on the runners and tackle a game or two of tennis at the local club
  6. head to the local rock climbing club and see if you have a head for heights
  7. take a golf class and hit a few balls around 18 challenging holes
  8. go for a swim either at your local club or with a mate
  9. take up surfing and check out the waves, or
  10. simply take your dog for a lovely walk through a scenic park and meet other dog-lovers.

Each of these ideas are a valid non-gym way of keeping fit and if done properly, allow you to spend time warming up, engaging in some strength/resistance/flexibility exercise, and cooling down before finishing. So if you haven’t exercised for a while – for whatever reason – why don’t you commit this week to speaking to your health professional about some appropriate form of exercise and fitness program that will improve your life and health.

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How You Can Build Non-Gym Activities Into Your Fitness Routine
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