Your family may be different - if so, CELEBRATE!

Once upon a time, ‘The Family’ was often regarded as being mum, dad, two kids and a dog, or something closely resembling that structure. The parents, who were of different genders were married, the biological children of this marriage were well-behaved, and even the dog seemed to know its place! This so-called ‘Nuclear Family’, was often represented on TV as the clean-cut ideal where mum stayed home and kept house, while dad went out to work and brought home a regular income.

Obviously to those alive today, such 1950’s type families are now just a small part of what makes up our communities and thankfully most countries are becoming more accepting of the variation to the family unit as it exists today. Your family may still resemble something like we mentioned above, or it could be an extended family including grandparents and adopted children, same-sex parents, a single parent family, step children and step parents, and foster families. Parents may or may not be married, couples may for whatever reason decide not to have children, and the entire family may have one ethic background, or consist of many cultures and religions.

Whatever the makeup of your family, there is a strong likelihood that its structure is somewhat different to your neighbours and friends. But regardless of what it actually looks like, all families have their place in today’s society and all have equal value. What matters most is that each family is filled with love, encouragement is given and received, support and guidance is readily available, and each member of that family feels like he or she has a rightful place in it.

We may no longer be stereotypical ‘Leave it to Beaver‘ families, but each family, no matter its makeup, can still be a place where the above mentioned values are held in high regard and embraced by all within it. And if your family is different to those around you, then celebrate those differences and be proud of them!

We would love to hear from our friends about your particular family makeup. Is yours still a so-called nuclear family, or is your family now blended, single, extended, childless, step, or same-sex? Drop us a comment below and let’s see what is more common in 2016.

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Your family may be different – if so, CELEBRATE!
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