How to easily increase your protein intake every day

Many people seem to miss out on healthy sources of protein because they regularly consume large amounts of processed foods that are high in salt, fat and sugar, while being low in essential vitamins and minerals. Whether this is due to cost, personal preference, or lack of food knowledge, we all need to recognise that our bodies need a healthy balanced diet every single day if it is to function at its best. And for us, we have found that this starts with increasing our intake of healthy proteins.

Once we began reading and understanding food labels, we were shocked by what went into many processed foods, and vowed to change our diet so that we could consume more fresh and natural food, and less processed goods. We did as many experts suggested and we began buying food from the ‘outside aisles’ of the supermarkets that contained the fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meats and seafood.

We soon found that we our bodies responded well to eating more protein and less carbohydrates. And once we worked out what foods came under the protein banner, it was easy to improve our diet and overall health. We began buying more fresh meat, poultry and seafood and cut back on frozen products which often had something added to the process. We found we enjoyed the selection of yummy vegetables and fruits which we enjoyed eating fresh and cutting up into salads. We started adding chia seeds to our diet and included a variety of nuts, seeds, grains and some dried fruit to our snacks. We have always enjoyed eggs and this has continued as well.

Like any food source, we found that there are proteins we prefered and which suited our diet. These included:

  • freshly cut lean lamb, chicken, and seafood like salmon
  • greek yogurt and cheese
  • bananas, melons, strawberries, and oranges
  • chia seeds, LSA, flax seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, and almonds
  • beans, peas, sprouts, potatoes, mushrooms, and corn
  • dried apricots, raisins, dates, and prunes.

If you are thinking it might be time to ditch the processed foods and start buying healthier and more nutritional foods, check out the wide range of high-protein foods available in your local shop. Have a chat to your medical professional and see what is right for you and your particular situation and lifestyle. We have never looked back and we are sure you will benefit from the healthier change as well.

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How to easily increase your protein intake every day

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