Why a good primer needs to be part of your daily makeup routine!

We all want to look our best and will often spend a large part of our day selecting, testing, applying, refining and touching up our makeup. So if there was a better way of doing it, wouldn’t it make sense to buy the best products available, and use the most effective method for applying it? And yet we continue to hear of girls who don’t ever use a primer in their daily makeup routine!

Having spoken to a few ladies who don’t, it seems to be a mixture of reasons such as the extra price involved, and sometimes because they just can’t be bothered with one more step in the process ‘when foundation does the same anyway‘. Occasionally we hear from girls who won’t because of some ingredients used. And yet for every girl who won’t or don’t use a primer, we find many more who do, so it really does seem to be a personal preference.

We love it because it is great base for applying makeup that definitely hides wrinkles and lines, makes the overall finish much smoother, and keeps makeup in place for longer. And because the primer absorbs any excess oil the overall presentation of the makeup looks way more professional. It can also be a great way to conceal or colour match spots or scars.

There does still seem to be some debate about whether you should use your fingers or a brush to apply primer for the best effect. We prefer using our fingers so we can really work it in and get a more natural finish. And having lived in humid environments like Darwin, we know the benefit of applying a good-quality primer properly to the skin before rushing through our other steps.

But what about you girls? Do you regularly use a primer as part of your daily makeup routine? And if you do, do you prefer using your fingers or a brush? Drop us a comment below to share with others.

And if you are thinking of using a makeup primer for the first time, why not take the opportunity to seek out a professional beauty therapist for great advice on what is best you and your particular skin type, and the best and safest products available. 

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Why a good primer needs to be part of your daily makeup routine!

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