Ten great things you can post on Instagram

One of the difficult tasks of having a presence on any social media channel is coming up with regular content which will keep your friends and followers informed and entertained. The trap of course is thinking that you can just post any old thing you find, hoping no one will notice you are running out of ideas. And anyone who has tried that, learns very quickly it does not work!

If you are on social media, there must a reason for all that hard work and effort you put into it each week. For most of us it is to tell our story. And it is a story involving photos or pictures of one kind or another. And personally, we think the photo is so important that it needs your utmost attention in choosing the correct image that will lead people into spending precious time reading your post.

Whether you take your own photo, design your own pictures or quotes, or use any number of free or paid services to obtain one of theirs, please pay heed to this one point: Your social media channel is YOUR story and if a free or bought image does not accurately portray what you are trying to say (or sell), then you will lose followers and do your brand a great disservice.

Rather than take that risk, why not spend some time brainstorming some ideas on how you can take your own photos or make pictures that will build and support your brand. One of the easiest way of doing that is to write out a brief statement about who you are, what your brand represents, and what type of images would best portray your brand and tell your story. Also give some thought as to what not to post which could also lose you followers and damage your brand!

You can then make a plan to capture relevant photos or make suitable pictures you can use in your posts which will draw the readers into your story and help them better understand what you are offering. And if you are struggling for ideas, here are ten great things you can post in Instagram or any social media channel you operate.

  1. photos/selfies of people who are involved in the business and can provide some behind-the-scenes human faces to the story
  2. different ways of showing off your product or service
  3. new and interesting changes which will benefit your followers
  4. relevant quotes which will inspire/motivate people to do or be better or speak to them where they are at
  5. great videos which give you an opportunity to talk personally to your followers
  6. reposted images or reviews from your followers (just make sure they are good images and you let the originator know)
  7. throwback days where you can re-share a great image from the past and compare it to where you are now
  8. awesome landscape photos are great if it can somehow be a part of your story. We love checking out all the gorgeous sunsets, epic adventures and stunning waterfalls that pop up on social media
  9. posts relevant to current affairs in the world. As we write this the media is awash with the US election. If you had something relevant to both your brand and politics, it might be well received while the media is so focused on the US
  10. and lastly, we all love funny/cute/nice photos of animals, wildlife, pets and babies. If you get an opportunity to take some photos and it relates to your brand (like the Lorikeet does to our active, outdoor lifestyle brand) then snap away and incorporate them into your posts.

At the end of the day, social media is about engaging with your followers, whether they want to buy what you are selling or be a part of what you are promoting. And in our humble opinion that engagement starts with providing good quality, interesting, relevant photos or pictures which your followers will be interested in.

Let us know what you think below and whether these ideas have helped you engage better on social media.

Living each adventure,
Christine and Trevor

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Ten great things you can post on Instagram

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