Ten top tips to reduce stress

First the bad news: Stress happens. That’s just how life is people, and if you have been on this earth for any amount of time you will have realised that every year has its up and downs, the good and the bad. Hopefully on reflection though, your life has been filled with a greater collection of awesome memories than bad or sad ones. But even if you have been through a rough patch now and again, the human body is primary designed to get you through those periods as best as it possibly can.

Occasionally though it does need a little help from us. And this might be required after we have come through a really stressful period in our lives and we find that we are just not coping as well as we had hoped. There is nothing wrong with that and thankfully we have experts in the field of medicine who are trained and qualified to help us manage and overcome that stress in very specific ways.

In the meantime however, there are things you can do to try to relieve that stress and start to feel better. Some of our top tips include:

  1. accept that some things are outside your control. You cannot fix everything and you cannot change the past, so where possible try to find a way to accept the stuff that happened and allow yourself to move on from those events.
  2. find some great music that relaxes you or that gets you up and singing along. Anything that gets you out of your head and changing your mood is a good thing. Why not even challenge yourself to listen to a type of music you have never liked in the past and see how you feel about it now.
  3. get outdoors and become physically active. You might like to play a sport, go for a hike, have a swim or even challenge a friend to a round of golf.
  4. look at what you are eating and drinking and consider cutting back on the caffeine, alcohol and junk food. When your body is stressed it needs all the healthy vitamins and minerals you can give it.
  5. call on your circle of family and friends who you know you can trust and who you consider to be good listeners. You don’t need them to give advice, just to be there for you and let you vent or express your feelings to someone.
  6. learn to meditate and find ways to relax and deal with those never-ending doubts and concerns which flow through your brain constantly. You might listen to a guided meditation on YouTube or join a class.
  7. start to do the things you enjoy doing again. Make a list of what you love to do and try to build them into your week. You might go fishing, read a book, meet for coffee, go horse riding, or even take up that hobby again.
  8. learn to manage your time so you get to do all the important things that need to be done while still allowing some ‘me’ time. Keep a journal or a diary and plan each day.
  9. when was the last time you laughed? Maybe it is time to get out all those funny movies you enjoyed watching in the past, grab some popcorn and have a night in with friends having a good time together.
  10. have you ever had a massage? A really good, full-body massage given by an expert massage therapist can do wonders for taking away stress and making you feel good all over. You might even get so relaxed during the massage that you doze off. And that is okay too.

Ten simple but possibly life-changing tips to help you deal with and hopefully overcome the stress in your life. If it helped, please leave a comment below, and please do a seek out a professional if that help is needed.

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Ten top tips to reduce stress
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