Ten great home decor hacks that will make your day

We all love a beautiful home and simple, cheap and attractive hacks which will assist us live in a home we adore. We love our home and we enjoy spending time in it, and adding special touches to it which make it more a home than a house. And we think these simple but highly effective home decor hacks will really make your day. Check them out and let us know what you think.

  1. if you grow seasonal plants in your garden, rather than go through the back-breaking effort of digging them in and out of the garden each year, try this instead. Leave the plant in the pot you bought it in (or re-pot to a slight larger one if it is too small), and then dig a hole a little larger than your pot (just once) in the desired spot and place a larger pot on the hole – this pot will now stay in the ground forever! Then place the potted plant into that pot and cover the pot with some light mulch. That way you can easily lift the plant out at the end of the season and replace it with another beautiful plane. No more digging ever once you have your required number of pots in the ground.
  2. if you have a shelf in your bathroom to place towels on, do you have just your chosen (boring!) colour like cream or white towels on it? To brighten up the room why not find a selection of towels with different colours and textures that will really catch the eye as you walk into the room.
  3. want to make your living space appear brighter than it is? Place a large mirror behind a table lamp and the light will bounce off the mirror instantly brightening up that room.
  4. do you have a boring-looking wi-fi modem or router in your house that you would love to get rid of (and why do they make them so ugly!)? Why not look around the garage sales or second-hand shops to find a really old and interesting book with a hard cover which you can take home. Then remove the pages on the inside, lay the hollowed-out book cover on its side and slip the modem or router into it. Just be sure not to cover any ventilation holes or to restrict it in any way so it becomes a fire hazard. Now when people look at that cupboard they will just see an interesting, old book laying on its side.
  5. if you are looking for a cheap way to decorate a blank and boring wall, buy some removable hooks from the supermarket and place them in a random pattern all over that wall. You can then hang all manner of interesting things you have, which really speak about who you are as a person, on those hooks. This might include a cap with your favourite sports team logo on, a brightly coloured scarf or two, an old film camera hanging by its strap, and anything else you really love.
  6. do you find that you can never find your keys when you need them? If you have a shallow hall or kitchen cupboard, why not attach a key hook in that space and then all the keys and other important stuff you need each day can be neatly tucked away out of sight and in a safe place.
  7. whatever happens to all those gorgeous photos you have taken and now just live on your Instagram account? Why don’t you find the ones you love and have them printed off onto a canvas wall hanging as a stunning photo collage. You could scatter them throughout your house and relive those memories every day.
  8. if you have young kids, why not get creative and draw some patterns on their light globes with a market pen. That way when they turn the light on they can now have a room filled with stars or other interesting shapes.
  9. did you know that a half-painted wall gives the illusion of taller ceilings? A common trend many years ago was to decorate walls in two parts: have a darker coloured paint or material like wood slats from the floor up to about one metre (3 feet), and then a lighter coloured paint from there up to the ceiling. If your home seems too small and compact, try giving the illusion of a larger room this way.
  10. do you normally throw away your old shoe boxes? They make for great storage boxes around the home and office! You can paint them, stain them, cover them, and make them very attractive and individual. You can then make great use of them for small toys, pens and pencils, knick-knacks, jewelry, clothing accessories, baby items, and anything else you can dream up.

So what are you waiting for? Lots of great little hacks that can make a big difference. And if you have any home decor hacks you would like to share, please drop us a comment below.

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Ten great home decor hacks that will make your day
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