If you create any art in any form, it's time to own up - you ARE an artist!

When we first starting sharing photos on social media which we had taken, we were quite overwhelmed by the wonderful and encouraging comments we received back. Some even went as far as to suggest that we had a ‘natural talent‘ in this area. However, if you had asked us at the time we would have replied that we really didn’t have any great artistic talent – we just used a good camera! Now of course, we realise that making such a reply was like saying a lovely meal must be as a result of owning an expensive oven! It took time and a lot of lovely comments about our work to finally accept that, yes, we did have some artistic ability (perhaps more learned than natural??), and that perhaps we could even call ourselves ‘ARTISTS’! With that ongoing encouragement, our artistic ability expanded and some pieces have even been on show a few times at exhibitions.

But it was hard to say we were artists! It was SO hard to say, because somewhere deep inside we were our own worse critics of any work we produced (and that probably applies to every single person who creates any art in any of its form). You spend hours, days, weeks, or even months creating something out of nothing. Using just your imagination, you move from a blank canvas to a complete piece of very individualistic art. But then you stand back to look at it and have a terrible thought that no one will like it because…!

Feel free to fill in the blank with what goes through your own head at the time!

However, you are then pleasantly surprised when your partner or friend looks at it and compliments you on what you have accomplished. They don’t find fault, and they don’t reject you as the ARTIST. You did it, and you really can call yourself by that title. Whether what you created was with a crayon, paints, animation, carving, ceramics, dance, photography, music, tapestry, video, architecture, or any other art form.

If YOU created it, YOU are an artist.

So, let’s all stop hiding from the world and denying our talent and gifts. Rejoice in your chosen form of expression, and let the world share in it. Not everyone will love it, but so what. Get over it, and enjoy the accolades from those who share in your creation and love your masterpiece. And be glad you chose to pursue this wonderful calling as an artist.

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Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

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If you create any art in any form, it’s time to own up – you ARE an artist!
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