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Top Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga is a state of complete balance and rejuvenation of the body and mind. People from around the world seek to find their inner peace amidst the fast paced life that they live, and there is nothing better than yoga to provide just that. But just as much as yoga helps with relaxation, the location where you do it also matters a lot. Serenity and tranquillity are what makes the experience of yoga a divine one, and what better place to practice the art of yoga where it was birthed? Here are the top reasons why you should take a peaceful trip to India:

  1. Experienced teachers

Since India is the place that has given birth to yoga, you will find that most of the experienced teachers reside here, those who can provide you with extensive knowledge of yoga. At the same time you can learn new things as you meet with more experienced yoga lovers, who will help you on the path of self-peace. These teachers come from widely known schools of yoga, and they have immense knowledge that can help you very well with your retreat to India.

  1. Exotic yet cooling atmosphere

Although city-life is a big part of India, there are innumerable locations where you can not only be away from the noisy cities, but you can also enjoy the tranquil surroundings that you practice yoga in. India has a bountiful assortment of locations that are exotic and cooling at the same time, which will provide you exactly what you need in order to touch your soul. Be it the serene locations of Varanasi, quiet beaches of Goa or the Ashrams of Bihar and Kashmir, you will get to explore the best of yoga and meditation.

  1. Century old institutions

Institutions that have established the art of yoga in India can be found in various places where people from all over the world come for a retreat. These institutions have everything that you will need. You can learn to become a certified yoga teacher by taking a course and if you wish, you can meet like-minded people and learn something new every day. Indian yoga institutions are certified to teach you the perfect yoga techniques that will help you throughout your life.

  1. Sensual enlightenment

Yoga is all about feeling all of your senses and being one with your soul. Once you’ve found a calm Kerala beach or a quiet getaway in the backwaters of Varanasi, you’ll discover that you can identify with yourself better than you’ve ever done before. The numerous serene locations in India that are solely dedicated to yoga and meditation will give you a vacation that you’ve always desired: one that soothes all your senses.

  1. Feeling closer to the self

The mind and body become one when meditation is practiced, and one has unwavering concentration while doing yoga. This helps a lot when you get a change of location. You might not achieve a similar effect if you were to do yoga at home, but once you step outside and explore the many places of self-enlightenment, you will realize that you can merge your body with your soul so well that you’ll wish you never had to leave.

  1. Stepping out of the comfort zone

Going on a vacation with yourself is one of the most calming things ever, and scores of people have recorded their solo travel experiences where they weren’t doing what they did in their daily lives. Once you step out of your comfort zone, you can experience things that you thought weren’t possible. Practicing yoga and meditation in a different environment while learning new things and exploring locations along with meeting other yoga enthusiasts makes your entire yoga trip a worthwhile and enjoyable one.

If the above reasons aren’t enough, you’ll find that there are many more reasons to invite yourself to India and experience the true sense of yoga yourself, which can only be done if you go ahead and plan a trip!

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Rohit, a traveller by heart and lover of nature, knows how a change of location can provide inner peace to yoga lovers and enthusiasts. He shares his experiences and adventures on TransIndiaTravels.com.

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Top Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat In India
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