Eyeshadow Tips Every Girl Should Know

We all want to look our best, and knowing how to correctly apply eyeshadow is just one very important step in the overall application of our makeup. But are you doing it correctly? For those just beginning the journey, we suggest you get professional advice on the right eyeshadow for your eye shape and skin type, but for now, here are our top tips for using eyeshadow. Check them out and let us know what you think and if you have any further suggestions.

  • buy the best brushes you can. We are not talking about the most expensive but ones that your family and friends use and are happy to recommend.
  • start with an eyeshadow primer which will keep your eyeshadows in place longer.
  • work out the eyeshadow formula that works best for you whether that be cream, loose or pressed, or a combination.
  • to make the colour really stand out use a white pencil on the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow.
  • when applying eyeshadow do not look directly at the mirror. Tilt your head back slightly and look down at the mirror.
  • using a highlighter directly beneath your brow and blending it in with your finger will add some height to the arch of your eyebrows and improve the overall appearance.
  • how you apply your eyeliner will set the look for the rest of your eye makeup. Decide if you want to define your eyes, balance or narrow them?
  • think about the shades of the colours you are using. Use a middle shade as a base to the eyelid, the darker shade to contour, and the lightest shade to highlight sparingly. If using a product with four shades available try using the lightest for your brow bone highlighter, the next darkest for your eyelids, the third darkest for your crease, and the darkest shade for the outer corner.
  • take the time to blend the colours well (unless you are going for that type of look).
  • if you don’t wish to use makeup remover around your eyes there are some natural options available such as using baby shampoo, as well as olive or almond oil (check the internet for ideas and how to use them).
  • and did you know that you can use broken eyeshadow on your lips? Just mix the broken pieces with some lip balm and brush it on your lips!

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Eyeshadow Tips Every Girl Should Know
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