Tips on buying home decor presents

Buying gifts for others can sometimes be a tricky business, especially when it is an item for their home. This is something you are expecting them to display graciously in their home for all their family and friends to see, and if you choose badly, that pressie might never see the light of day again! So with Christmas just around the corner we thought it was timely to share some of the lessons we have learned about buying home decor gifts for others – and what NOT to buy.

  1. recognise that not everyone shares your sense of style and what you might think goes great with a friends colour scheme, might in fact clash and look terrible in that space. Except that no matter what you eventually buy, you might still find that they don’t like it or want it in their home. Your friendship should be bigger than any single gift and just because you don’t see that item on proud display when visiting, doesn’t mean they don’t love and appreciate you.
  2. try and determine their specific likes and interests before buying anything. Just because they love wooden furniture does not mean they will love your bookcase made from distressed timber pallets. Discover exactly where their interests lay and try to match current decor.
  3. be very careful when buying candles or lamps which give off any fragrance. Your friends may love perfume or hate it. They might enjoy lavender but detest lemongrass. And they might start sneezing at just the hint of vanilla.
  4. always ask yourself whether you are buying an item because you love it or whether you know they will? We have received many gifts over the years from friends who start off the conversation saying something like, “we fell in love with this as soon as we saw it…”
  5. before buying anything, get some sense of where the gift could go if they like it enough to put it on display in their home? If they have an empty corner would a nice plant stand fit there? If the top of the bookcase is bare, perhaps some nice photo frames could go there? Don’t just buy an enormous house plant that is too big to fit anywhere realistic.
  6. if your friends have small children or pets, your ultimate decision might be influenced by whether the item can be easily knocked over or is breakable. Nothing could be worse than buying a lovely item your friends love, only to have it destroyed in the first week by an over-active and very large dog.
  7. will your gift requite internet or WiFi access? If your friends only have a small internet plan and your item continually downloads the latest songs, movies or updates it could blow their plan in the first week. 
  8. are your friends ‘socially conscious’ or concerned for the environment. If you gift is seen as adding to the landfill problem, involves child labour or testing on animals, your friends might want to dispose of it at the very first instance rather than have it on display in their home. Know your friends well enough to choose wisely.

Do you have any more tips for those buying home decor gifts for others? Drop us a comment below to share with our readers so they can buy wisely this Christmas. 

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Tips on buying home decor presents
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