Do you enjoy SUCCESS and BALANCE in your life?

We all want to be successful in life, don’t we?

I’m sure that somewhere in the world as I write this there is someone who really doesn’t care less what happens in their future, but I’m sure for most of us that is not the case. We all want to be able to get through each day with a positive mindset knowing that we are fulfilling our goals.  We hope to see success in our life and be brimming with health and confidence in our workplace or business. And we would like to have our finances under control while having a loving and wonderful family to return to each day.

But if we are to find and enjoy success in our life, where does it start? Well, as we have been discussing in previous posts we believe true success involves balance. And we believe that there are ten different areas of our life that make us who we are, and which taken as a whole will bring balance and success to our life.

Imagine life for a moment as a pie where each of the following ten areas represents one equal slice of that pie:

  • Family & Relationships
  • Career & Business
  • Money & Finances
  • Joy & Delight
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Responsibility & Foundation
  • Personal Development & Evolution
  • Self-care & Vitality
  • Happiness & Contentment
  • Pleasure & Excitement.

If you were achieving your goals in your chosen career, but gaining no happiness from life, you can see which area of your life needs attention. And if you enjoyed great happiness with your family, but managed your finances so poorly you could not put food on the table, you would not think you had balance in your life. We believe that for anyone to really find and enjoy success in their life, they must first examine and address each of these ten areas to ensure they create balance across their entire lifestyle. That means taking the time to examine each of those ten areas of their life in minute detail, and see what needs to be done to improve that area of their life and achieve overall success.

Can we give you some homework to do? We want to encourage you to ponder who you REALLY are, and examine your level of apparent ‘success’ in each of the above areas. It is not something to be rushed though and you need to understand that there are no shortcuts to success. Sure you can skip quickly through this self-examination, but guess what? If you cannot commit now to making changes in your life, then you probably won’t have it within you to last the distance in those changes.

It might take you a week, a month, a year, or be an ongoing process for the rest of your life, but if you were to take this matter seriously and score yourself out of ten on each of the above areas, you might be surprised at the low score you achieve in some, and the work you need to do to rectify it. You might need to seek professional expertise to fix your budget, obtain some counselling, or find a mentor, but if that is the case, be prepared to do the work and see if in time you can’t improve the overall balance in your life and finally find the success you are after. Only you can change yourself, no one else can do it for you.

So do yourself a big favour now and commit to doing all that you can to be successful in your life. The world needs you, your family needs you, and yes, even you need the new you as well.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor

Empowering people to live a healthy, active, authentic and fulfilling life.
Adelaide, South Australia.
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Do you enjoy SUCCESS and BALANCE in your life?
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